Canopy’s New “Sensus” Smartphone Shell Is Neat, But Would You Use It? – [VIDEO]

Canopy’s New “Sensus” Smartphone Shell Is Neat, But Would You Use It? – [VIDEO]

Showing the new case off at CES 2013(which just kicked-off in Las Vegas, Nevada)Canopy‘s “Sensus” shell wildly claims to allow you to control your smartphone … from the back!

The new touch-enabled “smart” case uses a 10-point touch-and-detect sensory system to allow it to track where exactly on the case you are touching and at what time. In addition, the case features a further 10-point sensor strip which runs along the case’s right side, allowing the shell to provide you with more fine-tuned touch control, dependent on your current usage.

As neat as Canopy‘s new iPhone shell is, though, we have to question the practicality of its potential uses. In theory they would seem endless, after all, it’s just a transplant of the touch sensory system used on the front of your smartphone, to the rear.

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 04.59.38

In reality, though, the case’s uses seem a little limited to us – (personally). That shouldn’t detract from the product’s coolness, though. Make no mistake, this product is cool — and will likely have some developers frothing at the mouth at its potential when linked with other pieces of software.

Canopy says you should think of its new case as an ‘expansion’ to your existing smartphone experience, rather than the primary input method – (the glossy screen on the front of your smartphone will still serve you well in that area).

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Compatible with iPhone 5 and designed to replace the existing case you may already have on your smartphone today, “Sensus” is expected to land Summer 2013 for a suggested retail price of $59-$99(exact pricing is still to be decided).

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