See Ubuntu Phone OS In Action! – [VIDEO]

See Ubuntu Phone OS In Action! – [VIDEO] today shares what we consider to be some of the first hands-on footage of Ubuntu Phone OS in the wild at CES. The OS, officially announced by Canonical last Thursday, is the company’s first move into the mobile space, bringing the power of its Linux-based desktop operating system ‘Ubuntu’ to the small screen for the first time.

As many familiar with Ubuntu will likely notice, the mobile OS follows along the same lines as its desktop counterpart, featuring a similar basic design and visual aesthetic, and ultimately aims to provide those who use it with a simple and colorful way express themselves in a truly personal way.


The smartphone the OS is shown to be running on is the ‘Ubuntu’ phone, and Canonical claims its the first smartphone in the world to offer users the ability to use all four sides of the touchscreen to access their data and launch apps.

The firm calls this marrying of both its mobile OS and desktop OS a “convergence story,” given that when the smartphone is docked a user is theoretically then able to carry on with what they were doing – (right where they left off) – on their Linux-based PC.

You can learn more about the OS, which is expected to begin shipping on smartphones sold around the world next year, at