First BitTorrent-Certified Android Box Officially Goes On Sale Today

First BitTorrent-Certified Android Box Officially Goes On Sale Today

[alert=error]Note: Let’s make something crystal clear before we start. RazorianFly strictly does not support or condone “piracy” in any of its forms. We’re highlighting this product quite simply because we actually can’t believe it’s a thing.[/alert]

The first BitTorrent-certified Android-powered television box has officially gone on sale today. TorrentFreak reports that the BBK BitTorrent Box allows the service’s over 250,000,000 users to actively “stream files downloaded with uTorrent, wirelessly” to their big-screen TV.


This means that users can play content downloaded by uTorrent and BitTorrent directly on their TV. Below is a screenshot of the user interface, displaying the various BitTorrent clients the device can connect to wirelessly.

“In addition to playing content downloaded by other clients,” the site reports, “the BitTorrent box itself also comes with BitTorrent support. Users are able to add torrent files through the built-in web browser or load torrent files from a USB drive.”

The box was reportedly meant to launch in December right in time for the holidays, but suffered delays. Today, the box hits the market for 89.99 Euros, (a price which is likely to see it go up against competing offers, such as the Apple TV and Roku).