Musician Peter Gabriel Launches ‘MusicTiles’ For iOS – [VIDEO]

Musician Peter Gabriel Launches ‘MusicTiles’ For iOS – [VIDEO]

Grammy award-winning singer, musician, and songwriter, Peter Gabriel, perhaps best known for his lead vocalist role in the the progressive rock group, Genesis, is today launching a new app for Apple’s iOS devices.

Called MusicTiles, the new app will “allow everybody to create Peter Gabriel music,” according to the app’s official announcement just posted to the singer’s website.

“[It] allows users to create and share remixes of their favorite tunes with a simple tile interface,” Engadget reports. The singer writes that the app has been designed for “novices, musicians, and expert composers” alike, promising to allow users to remix original tracks from his latest album “So.”

Tracks included in the app to be remixed by users feature some of Peter’s most-recent hits, such as: Sledgehammer, In Your Eyes and Big Time.

The So MusicTiles app includes songs of the original album – including Sledgehammer, In Your Eyes and Big Time – but also contains three new versions of each song in different, modern styles (e.g. original, electronica & industrial) for the fans to play with and develop according to their own individual taste. By simple constructions with modular tiles on the iPhone or iPad, you can create new versions of the songs dependent on where and when the modular tiles are put together.

Speaking on the app’s immediate availability, Gabriel was quoted as saying:

“I have always loved the idea that music and art should be fully open media from which no-one is excluded. They are languages that anyone can learn to speak and definitely not the exclusive province of the high priests armed with ‘Talent.’”

You can pick-up your own copy of MusicTiles on the iTunes App Store today, for $2.99. The app has been designed with ‘Universal’ support for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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