Reminder: Pebble To Hold Special Live Press Event At CES, Later Today – [TIMECHART]

Reminder: Pebble To Hold Special Live Press Event At CES, Later Today – [TIMECHART]

Undoubtedly the biggest online success story we watched unfold in 2012, Pebble Technology(creators of the Bluetooth-enabled “Pebble” smartwatch for both Android and iOS smartphones, which managed to achieve a level of crowd-sourced funding for the idea like nothing else the internet had ever seen previously) – will later today take to the stage at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, to announce something “Big.”

According to the reader poll we ran just a week ago, which asked you to guess what the company may have up its sleeve, 83-percent of you are expecting that “something” to be the official announcement of a final ship date for the product. This compared to a further 17-percent of you who believe the announcement later today will somehow relate to new vendor deals for Pebble.

Meanwhile, in a separate poll we ran alongside the first, 57-percent of you responded that you are expecting the company will officially announce a “buy-out” from Apple at the event, with a further 43-percent pinning their hopes on the announcement of new API support.

The announcement will take place on January 9(that’s today, for us here in the UK) – at 9:00AM PST, and will see the company live-stream the event to the project’s original Kickstarter backers – (and indeed, the world) – via this page.

We know how confusing timezones can be sometimes — so, here’s a full list of the kick-off times for Pebble’s live streamed event, scheduled to begin in approximately 13 hours and 40 minutes.


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We’ll be sure to post news covering whatever it is the company does announce during the special event on our frontpage, shortly after the event concludes. Stay tuned.