Tidbit: Apple’s Jukebox Software ‘iTunes’ Was Released 12 Years Ago Today

Tidbit: Apple’s Jukebox Software ‘iTunes’ Was Released 12 Years Ago Today

Sticking with the subject of iTunes, and following the 10th anniversary of Apple’s Safari web browser, our friends at TUAW highlight that today actually marked the 12th anniversary of the public introduction of iTunes.

The software, which is now used by millions around the world in order to keep their music, app, book, podcast, TV show, and movie libraries organised, iTunes was initially released to the public on January 9, 2001.

Screen Shot 2013-01-09 at 23.49.08

iTunes 1.0(Credit: Steve Streza)

Today, iTunes is not only present on our mobile devices, but it is also capable of streaming and matching songs in our library using Apple’s “iCloud” service, queuing songs in an orderly fashion (so we can all build our own, personal, live-editable playlists), and can even automatically download the apps you have recently downloaded on either your iPhone (or iPad), so that they’re there for you (ready to sync) when you next come to do so.


In its latest release (, which hit the wires just 26 days ago on December 13, 2012, the software gained a from-the-ground-up visual overhaul, alongside enhanced support for iCloud, new playback options, various playlist enhancements, (and more), perhaps for the first time really seeing the company step back and take a good look at how it could further improve the jukebox software for the better.

Happy Birthday, iTunes.