Mobile Devices Are About To Get A Whole Lot Wetter, Thanks To Liquipel 2.0

Mobile Devices Are About To Get A Whole Lot Wetter, Thanks To Liquipel 2.0

Announced at CES 2013, Liquipel – a company which has invested years of research and development into the producing of a new “nano-coating” designed for mobile devices, (which aims to completely water-proof any device it is used on), is showing off the second-generation of the technology this week.

We actually first heard about Liquipel’s water-blocking technology at last year’s Consumer Electronics Show, where the company showed – for the first time – how it could spray its nano-blocking seal onto Apple’s iPhone, covering the smartphone’s internals at the “nano” scale, and thus fully water-proofing the iPhone.

In fact, the company demoed the technology – quite impressively – by dropping the iPhone which had been covered previously into a tank of water. The device not only continued to function while it was under water, but it actually survived the dunk after being taken out of the tank.

Just 12-months later the company is back, showing just how its water-blocking technology has matured over the last year — and according to Liquipel’s Managing Director, Sam Winkler, the technology is about to get a lot more useful.

The water-resistant coating, (which is applied by way of a vapor), is now ‘water-resistant’ up to a level of IPX7, according to the company, which MacRumors notes means a Liquipel-treated device can now be “submerged in a meter of water for 30 minutes.”

The coverage excludes intentional submerging of devices in liquid. However, everyday life events that can cause liquid damage will be covered, such as: rain, splashing, sweat, dropping in the sink or toilet and spilled drinks.

In addition to showing off further demos of the extents it is going to in order to ensure your devices can get wet and survive, the company is week also launching its Liquipel Performance Guarantee – a warranty which covers those in the U.S. who experience “damage” caused by “accidental liquid exposure” on devices which have been previously treated with Liquipel’s H2O-blocking technology.

Moving into the retail sector, “Liquipods” are small sellable vacuumed-sealed sachets of the firm’s patented “nano liquid” shown off this week, that can now be sold in retail stores to those customers looking for a quick-fix to protect their devices from potential contact with water.

If you’re looking to protect your own device with Liquipel’s water-blocking vapor, you can get started on the company’s official website now – for $59.

/ MacRumors