Tidbit: Ive Spotted Dining With Marissa Mayer, Dick Costolo, Drew Houston, (More) – [PHOTO]


Posted to social network Facebook by Google X Director, Mike Cassidy, on Wednesday, the photo which follows shows how Apple’s Senior Vice President of Industrial Design, Sir Jonathan Ive, recently met with Yahoo CEO – Marissa Mayer, Twitter CEO – Dick Costolo, Dropbox CEO – Drew Houston(among many others), for an informal dinner.


Others in attendance at the meet, included: Trevor Traina of Traina Interactive, Path CEO – Dave Morin and Education Startup CEO – Dion Lim, all of whom are shown as sat with Nextdoor’s CEO – Nirav Tolia, Yelp’s CEO – Jeremy Stoppelman, Bebo Co-Founder – Michael Birch, CEO of Quip – Bret Taylor, and (of course) Director of Search Product Management at Google – Mike Cassidy.

You have to wonder what they were all talking about, right?

/ 9to5Mac (h/t)

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