Weekly Planner App ‘Sooner’ Drops To $0.99 – [LIMITED TIME]


Allowing users to create new tasks in just one gesture using its notably different wheel-based interface, Sooner has today shed its normal price of $2.99 to land at its new, limited-time price of just $0.99.

Breaking away from the often monotonous list-based check box interface that most GTD apps tend to follow, Sooner takes a completely different approach to your daily “todo” schedule by displaying only the key information you need front and center.

Try Sooner in action and you’ll immediately realize just how intuitive and handy it is. Universal drag-and-drop support, no complex forms with unnecessary fields, yet broad possibilities:

Allowing you to manage projects, task groups and something the app calls “life spheres” in one central place, while facilitating the wireless syncing of your current agenda with iCal, Sooner makes it easy to set deadlines and reminders for the upcoming events in your life, providing a neat and engaging interface for planing the recurrence rate of these events.

Featuring the ability to designate different colors to different projects, Sooner will have you organized in no time — and the even better news?Sooner is 66%-off for a limited-time.

Get your copy here.

Version: 1.5
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