‘DataMan Next’ – Track Your iPhone’s Monthly Data Usage In Style [UPDATED]


Coined your “weapon against overage,” Johnny Ixe’s DataMan Next launching this weekend is a clean and highly-visual way to keep a track of the amount of data you are using on your iPhone, each month.

Joining the list of other data offerings Ixe is responsible for, (DataMan and DataMan Pro), DataMan Next uses a percentage-based UI which allows you to effectively track the data you use over LTE, 4G and 3G, as well as being able to keep tabs on your monthly Wi-Fi usage, should you need to.

Setting up DataMan Next for use with your own cellular data plan is easy enough. You’ll have to tell DataMan Next the start of your billing month, how much data you’re actually allowed to use per month (according to your current plan), and how much data you’ve already used – (You can check this figure by heading to Settings > General > Usage > Cellular Usage).


DataMan Next running on iPhone 5

The app then uses different coloured gradients to signal how much data you have ultimately used since the beginning of this month’s roll-over, with green signalling that you are within your data limit for that month, amber acting as a “caution” warning that you may be getting close to your data limit for the current month, and red signalling that you have surpassed the amount of data your current plan allows for.

Underneath the percentage of data you have already used for the month, DataMan Next will display the number of days which remain until the end of the month, (along with the physical date range which relates to this period). At the bottom of the app, you’ll also be able to see the exact amount of data you have used since the beginning of the month (in KB and GBs). This running data total is separated into ‘Cellular’ data, and data you use over ’Wi-Fi’.

In the event you need to see how much data you have used over an extended period of time, swiping up will reveal DataMan Next‘s “History” view. Here, the app will show each month, alongside further breaking down your monthly data usage into Cellular, and WiFi.

For the really data-conscious out there, heading to DataMan Next‘s “Settings” panel will allow you to set a series of four percentage limits to be alerted for when you succeed this certain level of data usage. By default, these limits are set to 50%, 70%, 90% and 100%.

50%-off for a limited time, DataMan Next is a $0.99 download from the iTunes App Store, supporting both iPhone and iPod touchnatively.

UPDATE: Further Clarification

Since publishing this overview of DataMan Next the guys at XVision have been in touch to clarify some of the app’s functionality.

Specifically, DataMan’s “Smart Forecast” feature – which works as follows.

Smart Forecast predicts if you’ll stay within your data cap. It’s intelligent algorithm uses multiple inputs including your current usage and the remaining days in your bill cycle to compute real-time usage forecasts. This helps you plan ahead and take precautions.

The forecast is not just dependent on your current usage as your article is suggesting. For example, if you had used 90% data and there’s 1 day remaining in your bill cycle, the forecast will be Safe. Our smart algorithm predicts that you’ll have enough data allowance to use for your remaining one day, and that you will most likely not exceed your data cap by the end of your bill cycle.

The company has also confirmed that it is possible to enter point values, you just need to convert these values to MBfirst, (for example: 1.6 x 1024 = 1638 MB).

Version: 7.5
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