The Unicorn Apocalypse – [VIDEO]

The Unicorn Apocalypse – [VIDEO]

That’s not us trying to be cool or hipster with that headline up there — that’s actually the title of Samsung ‘s new iPhone (and BlackBerry)-bashing TV commercial. The new ad focuses specifically on the enterprise market, and how both the iPhone and BlackBerry are largely considered by the company as ‘inferior’ for business usage.

In fact, one of the people featured in the ad outlines her personal “system,” which basically consists of using a Samsung smartphone for all her business work, and relegating her iPhone for “home” use – (making sure to point to each respective handset as she describes this system). When the woman is challenged by a work colleague as to why she is still using the iPhone for “home” stuff, when the Galaxy S III is capable of doing both business and play, the woman responds by saying: “Ally, respect my system”(which some may interpret as having a condescending tone).

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In addition to detailing the design and development process of “Unicorn Apocalypse” – an aptly named (and definite dig) at the “Unicorn” mentality which often surrounds Apple’s iPhone product launches, the ad then attempts to show-off Samsung’s “SAFE” technology, without the company actually showing off what the technology is capable of doing. Instead, we’re left with the strap line: Play Hard. Work Safe. The Next Big Thing for Business is Here.”


(Credit: Humble Writer, DeviantArt)

Those who have been reading for a while will know that we try to be pretty fair when stating our opinion, but this particular ad just leaves us with one burning question — When exactly can we get our hands on Unicorn Apocalypse?!

We’ve embedded the new ad above – Enjoy!

/ Image Credit: “NilTrace” via DeviantArt
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