Pebble Hits A Snag. “Less Than 500 Units” Going Out Today, (More Soon).

Pebble Hits A Snag. “Less Than 500 Units” Going Out Today, (More Soon).

Publishing Update 30 to the project’s official Kickstarter page this afternoon, Pebble Technology has confirmed that it will officially begin shipping out the first units of the bluetooth-enabled smartwatch to the project’s backers, today.

In the same breath, however, the company noted that it has hit a small snag – and as such a lesser amount of units than it expected will be going out from its fulfillment center over the next 24 hours.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 16.09.21

Pebbles on palettes ready to go out to backers

With more units expected to ship real ‘soon,’ the company informed the 68,000 backers of its $10-Million crowd-funded project this afternoon, that an unfortunate issue with documentation being held up at the airport has resulted in the company only being able to prepare “less than 500 [Pebbles]” for shipping out, today.

Less than 500 units are going out today, with more expected to ship soon.

Further, the company explains that, due to a technical error in regards to the processing of address confirmation e-mails, not all of those who received the e-mail will have their Pebbles shipped today.


We accidentally [sent] more Address Confirmations emails than available Pebbles. So some people who received address confirmation emails will not get a tracking number for a few days until their Pebble ships out.

In addition to the slight shipping hic-up, the update also threw more light on the official Pebble iOS app, which the company confirmed “is not yet available in the App Store.”

Pebble apparently submitted the app approximately 2-weeks ago and has been “responding to reviewer feedback,” ever since. “For the moment,” it says, “iOS users who receive Pebble early will be able to do notifications/Music control, but will not be able to install watchfaces or upgrade to the latest PebbleOS,” until such time as the app makes its way through Apple’s rigid approval process and out onto the store.

The official Pebble app for Android OS, on the other hand, will go live on Google Play on Thursday, Jan 24.

“We’re also working on adding shipment tracking to,” the company confirmed, stressing that backers should refrain from e-mailing about shipping updates for the time being.

Please do not email us right now about shipment tracking, we will not be able to provide any information over email about the status of your Pebble. As soon as this functionality is finished, we’ll post an update and you’ll be able to check online. Sorry for the delay on this.”

“Our job is most definitely not finished. We have lots of improvements to make, and tens of thousands of Pebbles to ship out,” the company wrote. “We will continue our biweekly updates, and as was mentioned 2 weeks ago, we’ll be issuing software updates with new features for Pebble every 2-3 weeks.”

You can track Pebble’s shipment progress by heading to

See Update 30 on Kickstarter.