National Geographic’s ‘Weird But True.’ Now With 625 Totally Amazing Facts.

National Geographic‘s educational factoid app Weird But True is also receiving an update this week. Now providing inquisitive kids (and their parents) with a total of 625 amazing facts, the new update to the library of factual, fun information, now includes 5 “Fact Packs” which can be actively searched to help you find the facts your little ones are most interested in.

Claiming to provide kids with “hours of fun and entertainment,” the app covers a number of everyday topics, including: Weather, Space, Science (and more!), and works by allowing kids to manually swipe to move from fact to fact, or alternatively, by shaking their device the app will provide them with a randomly generated, randomly selected fact.

The app’s “Weird-O-Meter,” (accessible from all the fact views the app provides), allows for the rating of “weirdness” of an individual fact you’ve read, and allows for the monitoring of results from all other users using the “Weirdest Facts” list.

If you find a weird fact that you really want to share with your friends, tapping the bookmark button will allow you to store your most-favorite facts for later, or alternatively, share the grossest and spine-tingling facts you’ve come across (so far) with your friends in an instant via either email, Facebook, or Twitter.

Using the “Fact Finder” will help you find and locate unbelievable and awesome facts about just about anything you can think of. The app also comes loaded with some super-neat sound effects and a few “awesome surprises,” truly making NatGeo’s Weird But True fun for kids of all ages!

(Even, the really old ones.)

Version: 2.1
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