Debate Of The Week: Starbucks Or Costa?

Debate Of The Week: Starbucks Or Costa?

Each week, we’ll ask you a different thought-provoking, controversial, (or sheer crazy), question with two possible answers.

There’s no correct answer. It’s your opinion.

Last week’s question asked for your opinion on your console of choice. Worth a colossal $1 Billion worldwide, the console market is a super-competitive space, and is largely controlled by two mega corporations – Sony and Microsoft.

While handheld gaming is gradually coming into the foray, the sales of consoles doesn’t appear to be slowing down just yet. We wanted to gauge your opinion on which console you best preferred in terms of graphic capability, title availability, and capability to interact and game with others.

Results: PlayStation (55%) Or Xbox (45%)

This Week

This week, we’re turning to your daily drinking habits. No, not of the alcoholic variety … but instead your love of coffee. Did you know that coffee exporting alone is a $20 Billion Dollar industry? – In fact, coffee-producing countries earned $23.5 Billion from coffee exports in 2011.

25 Million small producers rely on coffee for a living — and, after crude oil, coffee is the most sought commodity in the world. Worldwide, we drink over 500 Billion cups of coffee every year. 14 Billion of those are Italian espresso coffees. Further, Americans who drink coffee are said to drink 3 and a half cups of coffee every day.

There are two major retailers that control the coffee drinking experience, and which bridge the coffee drinking gap between Blighty and the U.S.

The question?

Starbucks or Costa

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