Briefly: ‘MAME’ Arcade Emulator Returns To The App Store As “Gridlee,” Get It Now!

You’ll likely have to act super-quick on this one. TouchArcade reports that a “MAME”-esque arcade emulator has returned to the iTunes App Store this weekend, under the new title of “Gridlee.”


While the title would appear to be a single install for the 1982 (unreleased) arcade game “Gridlee” on first launch, the publication highlights that the title also appears to have hidden “load” functionality, which allows players to add their own MAME ROMs for playing in Gridlee with just a few short steps.

When word of this hit our forums, readers were quick to pull out iExplore and begin digging about the app’s directory structure looking for a ROM folder. Well, it’s in there, and sure enough, if one copies other MAME ROMs into that folder, the Gridlee app starts up with the standard MAME4iOS ROM listing, allowing for a great many games beyond just Gridlee to be played on the iPhone or iPad in this Universal app.

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/ TouchArcade

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