Geohot Submits ‘Reactions’ To The App Store, Aims To Capture The Full Story Behind Your Photos

Geohot Submits ‘Reactions’ To The App Store, Aims To Capture The Full Story Behind Your Photos

iOS hacker George Hotz, (known to most as “GeoHot”), has announced the submission of a new app to Apple’s iTunes App Store this week. Called “Reactions,” the new app (if approved) will aim to capture the full story behind a user’s photo by capturing their facial reaction while taking said photo.

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What’s better than one camera?Two cameras! … Reactions supports two cameras. That’s twice as many cameras as our leading competitor, Instagram. You know what’s cooler than a billion dollars?Two billion dollars.

“Previous photo applications only allowed the use of one camera. Or even worse, let you choose between cameras. Disgusting,” the app’s official website reads. “Here at Reactions we don’t believe in choice, we believe in both. Why make Obama president? – Let Obama and Romney be president. Let’s even let Ron Paul be president too.”

Perhaps “novelty” in its nature, Reactions will notably not allow for the saving of the photos you take directly to your iPhone‘s camera roll. “We offer you no way to save your pictures,” Hotz writes. “If you want to save them, you have to share them. After a reaction is captured, you have 3 seconds to hit the unlabeled cancel button, or else your photo is automatically shared with all your Facebook friends.”

That’s one way to ensure your app gains mass exposure.

Reactions is currently awaiting store approval from Apple’s iTunes team and should be available, shortly. We’ll be sure to update here when it hits. For now, you can read some background on Hotz and his role in the jailbreak community, at Wikipedia.

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