Reminder: ‘Taken 2’ Becomes Available For Purchase (In HD) On iTunes, Today.

The long-awaited sequel to what is considered by some as the most action-packed thriller to have hit screens in the last few years, Taken 2 picks up the story from the human traffickers’ relatives perspective, some time after Kim’s father, Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson), conducted his valiant (and eventually successful) attempt to rescue his daughter.


Acting as a former C.I.A. operative, this time the targets become that of Bryan himself, and his ex-wife, Lenore, Kim’s mother. As the family take a vacation to Istanbul, Bryan and Lenore are captured and taken while visiting the passport office. As a result, Kim is thrown into the hero role, ultimately becoming responsible for their rescue.

Taken 2 is available on iTunes today, in both Standard Definition (£9.99) and High Definition (£13.99). The SD version of the movie – (which can be preordered today) – is currently expected to become available for download, February 4, 2013.

Buy Taken 2 (in HD) on iTunes for £13.99.

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