DigiTimes: Apple Just Cut Its iPad Display Orders By 50% – [RUMOR]


In a new report which would appear to back up previous speculation that Apple’s display manufacturer, Sharp Japan, has recently shifted its focus to creating smaller displays designed for the firm’s “iPad Mini” product line, Taiwanese publication DigiTimes cites this afternoon that Apple has (allegedly) cut its iPad display production considerably over the last several weeks, perhaps even cutting it by as much as 50-percent.


“Apple has reportedly decided to cut shipments for its 9.7-inch iPad products in the first quarter to as low as [6] Million units, down from Apple’s originally estimated 12-15 Million units,” said the sources.

The change in production is said largely to relate to increased demand for the iPad Mini, which pretty much does everything Apple’s 9.7-inch iPad can achieve, but – (at least, for the time being) – arrives without Apple’s ultra-high resolution “Retina” display.

/ iClarified (h/t)

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