New Apple TV (Model A1469) Discovered In FCC Filings, Likely To Arrive With Updated A5X (SoC) Processor

Engadget reports that a new filing to show up at the FCC this week, would appear to detail a brand-new model of the Apple TV.

Carrying the model number ‘A1469’, the new model is expected to arrive slightly smaller than Apple’s current black box, coming in at 93.78mm x 93.78mm(which is a fraction smaller than the 98mm x 98 mm Apple TV we know, today).


With full support for connecting to Wi-Fi networks, (just like the current generation Apple TV), the model is interesting given it has never been seen before — suggesting this may just be the next iteration of Apple’s television product – (Perhaps not, the television set that many were pinning their hopes on seeing).

What’s particularly interesting, though, is — Apple also felt the need to release its latest version of Apple TV software (5.2), for this – (so far, unreleased)Apple TV model, suggesting the product’s public debut may be imminent.

Software Update 5.2 for AppleTV3,2:

- AppleTV3,2 (AppleTV3,2) version 5.2 (Build 10B144b)

The new model is now expected to arrive carrying an updated iteration of Apple’s A5X SoC (System on a Chip) processor, and handle antenna connections in a similar way to how Apple’s iOS devices do, today.

/ MacRumors

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