Apple: iPad Or iPad mini. The Perfect Choice For Valentine’s Day.‏

In a new mailshot sent out to its customers, today, Apple is promoting both its full-size 9.7-inch iPad, alongside its smaller and cheaper 7.9-inch “iPad Mini,” as the perfect gifts for your loved one this Valentine’s Day.


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Starting at $329, Apple’s iPad Mini arrives with a 7.9-inch diagonal display and a sleeker and thinner design compared to its bigger brother. Marketed for those who like portability, the “mini” is generally aimed at students and travelers looking for all the power of an iPad, in a smaller package.

Meanwhile, Apple’s full-size, fourth-generation iPad arrives with a stunning “Retina” display, and is ultimately marketed at those people wanting a more complete and powerful solution which they can take with them on the road, but that perhaps don’t want the hassle of packing a notebook.

Both products are available to purchase today, at

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