Leap Motion Hands-On – [VIDEO]

Our friends at 9to5Mac took some time out this week to visit the guys up in SoMa, San Francisco, to check out their new “3D” motion controller — the “Leap.”

Raising $30 Million Dollars in funding at the beginning of this month, the “Leap” is a small device that is designed to sit in-front of a user’s desktop or portable computer. The device then creates 8-cubic-feet of what the company refers to as “3D interaction space,” where a user may then use this to interact with what is on-screen via the use of their hands, or even single fingers.

From transcendent Star Trek holosuites to mind-blowing Minority Report graphics, our vision for computers has enticed and intrigued us for decades, but ultimately the reality has fallen short.

But with the Leap Motion controller, 3D gesture control has finally made it out of the lab and into real life. Typing? Seriously? That’s fine for writing a novel. But it’s hardly the most natural, intuitive way to communicate. The ability to control any application with nuanced hand and finger movements is already transforming the way we interact with computers. And we’re just getting started.

In fact, Leap is so accurate that it can recognize movements to a degree of 1/100th of a millimeter. The Leap will begin shipping later this quarter. If you want one yourself you can head over to leapmotion.com today, and pick one up for $69.99(plus shipping).

Check out the “hands-on” video above!

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