‘Minecraft – Pocket Edition’ Updates With More Objects, Improved Controls


In its continued quest to become the “full” desktop experience in your pocket, Mojang’s official iOS port of its highly-successful, open-world blocks adventure – Minecraft – is receiving yet another significant update today.

Bumped to version 0.6.0, the new version of the game now introduces “lots” of new blocks, alongside signs to help you navigate your built world, and armor to help you protect yourself from creepers and other in-game trouble-makers.

Meanwhile, on its softer side, the update includes a variety of visual features, including baby animals, and something called “fancy clouds.” Sand and gravel in the game now follow the laws of “gravity,” and the game’s user control system has been dramatically improved in regards to the ‘D-pad.’

The new update to the (still-in-beta) title follows the release of version 0.4.0 in September last year, which introduced a number of other elements from the desktop edition of Minecraft, including: Creepers, TNT, Chests and Beds.

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Version: 0.8.1
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