‘Splashtop 2’ For iPad Gains Ability To Use Windows 8 Touch Gestures, Shortcuts, (More)

‘Splashtop 2’ For iPad Gains Ability To Use Windows 8 Touch Gestures, Shortcuts, (More)

Those of you out there who rely on Splashtop 2 to provide you with access to either your PC or Mac, remotely, will likely be pleased to hear that the company has issued an update to the remote desktop client, this week.

Perhaps most notable in Splashtop 2 is the introduction of support for Windows 8 gestures. The company notes that when connected to a Windows 8 PC, users will now be able to take full advantage of Splashtop 2‘s ability to connect remotely to their PC running the latest version of Windows, now being able to wirelessly use gestures to control aspects of their PC experience.

In addition, the software now also features a variety of on-screen “shortcuts,” (optional in-app purchase), which should help you control the core aspects of your computing experience more effectively, aspects such as; controlling the playback of media players, navigating browsers, and saving and editing documents with office apps. These shortcuts may also be used for the remote controlling of game titles running on the connected PC or Mac.

On the functional side, Splashtop 2 can now (finally) be ran as a background app, meaning you can switch to another app in iOS without losing connection to your Mac or PC. The software has also gained copy-and-paste abilities, resulting in your now being able to move documents, snippets of text, or objects between both your computer and iPad.

Alongside these changes, Splashtop 2 is said to improve both stability and performance, by including a variety of usability improvements and bug fixes.

In order to get started with the new version of the client, you’ll want to install the latest version of the company’s “Streamer” app from splashtop.com/streamer. This will, in turn, also allow you to enable the Windows 8 ‘gesturing’ functionality we mentioned above.

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