CollegeHumor Debuts ‘Bout’ For iOS

CollegeHumor Debuts ‘Bout’ For iOS

CollegeHumor, perhaps best known for its creation of original, popular and seriously funny videos, (most of which usually make it into viral territory), has this week launched a new game for Apple’s iOS devices.

In collaboration with Awkward Hug, a mobile development studio which is “fascinated with the awkward space between our real and digital lives,” Bout is a social race for victory.

First, you select (or write) your own inspiring of thought-provoking phrase, (for example: “Something Contagious,” “Your Face When Your Favorite Song Comes On,” “Art Made From Desk Supplies,” “A Guilty Pleasure”), and then you share this “Bout” with friends.


As your friends are systematically alerted to your new “Bout” of awesome, the idea is that they’ll drop whatever they’re doing and begin a concerted race to submit the best photo in response.

Once your friends have submitted their own photos, these are then revealed to a judge, anonymously. From here, the judge selects the winning photo based on the entries they received. Coins are then awarded at the completion of each “Bout.” Ten coins are awarded to the winner, and the other players get two coins each for simply taking part. “[These] can be used to refresh the challenge prompt list, start additional Bouts, unlock themed challenge bundles and create custom Bouts,” the company explains.

In the event you find yourself without enough coins to do what you’re trying to achieve, you can purchase a box of 400 in-game coins for $1.99. If you want more, there’s also the option to purchase coins in 1,200, 3,000, and 10,000 increments, for $4.99, $9.99 and $24.99respectively.

Okay, Ready?Get snapping, today!

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