Tidbit: Minecraft (Pocket Edition) 0.6.1, Bug Fixes


Following updating at the end of last month, an update which added more in-game objects and improvements the game’s control system, Minecraft (Pocket Edition) has today received a small (but notable) update, which aims to fix some of the problems with the game’s previously available version.

Fixing a number of “crash” bugs, which may have affected players when using multiplayer chests and inputting signs, Minecraft 0.6.1, in addition, also fixes an issue which – (when putting on armor items) – would have ‘overwritten’ your old armor if this wasn’t removed first, and rectifies a bug which may have seen half slabs get stuck in the “upper” position.

Alongside the above fixes, the update also includes fixes for your connection “disconnecting,” and you should no longer experience issues when trying to save the worlds you have created.

Download Minecraft 0.6.1.

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