Deal Alert: eBoy’s Vibrant 3D Pixel-Matching Adventure ‘FixPix’ – (Was $0.99, Now FREE)

World-renown pixel designers, eBoy, have tonight dropped their pure-fest of pixel awesomeness – FixPix – down from its normal price of $0.99, seeing the pixel-matching game become FREE for the next several hours.

Short for ‘Fixing Pixels’, FixPix uses isometric pixel-art to create a picture-puzzle game in which you use your iPhone (or iPad)’s accelerometer to move the various pieces of your surrounding environment, until they correctly align.

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 18.48.04

Puzzling pixel worlds gone crazy! – Tilt your iPhone to explore eBoy’s mind-boggling art and find the right angle to solve the puzzle. There are 100 hand-crafted levels in this game with slow increasing difficulty. Lots of them have a 3D effect, others are layered compositions or sliced madness.

Playing the game is addictive and couldn’t be simpler. The challenge is finding the hints that lead to the solution. eBoy’s images look crisper than ever before on the iPhone’s great screen and it works great in zoomed mode on the iPad.

Featuring various pieces of the studio’s previous (and most-recent) pixel-art, the game is kind of hard to explain without you checking out the video above.

Hurry! – as this is a limited-time sale.

Version: 2.4
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