‘LED Football’ and ‘LED Football PvP’ Go FREE For Superbowl Sunday!

‘LED Football’ and ‘LED Football PvP’ Go FREE For Superbowl Sunday!

Mark from TouchGrove just sent us a quick note tonight, to let us know that both LED Football and LED Football PvP have also dropped in price this weekend.

In celebration of Superbowl Sunday, both the iPhone (and iPad) versions of L.E.D Football are going FREE this evening. The game arrives as a modern-day reincarnation of Coleco’s “Electronic Quarterback” – a handheld electronic version of the ‘LED Football’ concept, which first went on sale in 1978.

As an added bonus, the iPad version of the game also includes player-vs-player, meaning that if you just so happen to have a friend who also likes LED football – they can play along, too!

Not sure how to play?

1. HANG BACK. Wait until a space opens up in defense… then be ready to make your move forward using the orange button.

2. “PSYCH OUT” the Defense. Use the red buttons to jog left and right on the field while defense tries to get a hold on your position. This also helps you get amped for your push forward.

3. DON’T FORGET about your kick on your 4th down. You’ve got to press ST/K immediately after you’re sacked for the 4th time order to get your kick.


Got it?Go for it.

Version: 3.6
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Version: 1.1
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