‘Awesome Calendar’ Updates With Support For iTunes File Sharing, In-App Purchases

‘Awesome Calendar’ Updates With Support For iTunes File Sharing, In-App Purchases

YunaSoft‘s popular calendar client, for use with Google Calendar, has received a notable update in the past few hours. The application is designed to simplify the way in which your iPhone (or iPad) syncs data with the online service, and in its latest version now includes full support for sharing your personal database of task (and event) information, using the ‘File Sharing’ option now found in iTunes.

In addition to this, Awesome Calendar 3.1 comes packed with a number of other useful improvements, including new support for time zones, and the displaying of week numbers in “Month” view.

The app’s “AwesomeShare” option now features a user refresh function, making data refresh a breeze, and there’s now even a search function for users in AwesomeShare’s contact list. Alongside the above features, users of the app will also find the option to remove advertisements in the bottom of e-mails, and an improved “Birthday” view is also included.

Those who prefer to see a more detailed view of their upcoming month, will now be able to access Awesome Calendar‘s “Event Organizer,” where they’ll then be able to fully manage what events are on their upcoming agenda.

Other Additions & Fixes In This Version

- Adds In-app purchase of +800 emoji stickers
- Localization update
- Overlapped display of long todo title
- Hong kong holiday bug (4/5->4/4)
- iPad splash bug
- Birthday calendar bug

Recommended for all existing users of the calendar client, Awesome Calendar 3.1 is a 16 MB download from the iTunes App Store, and arrives FREE for those who may already own the app. Those who don’t can pick-up their copy today, for $4.99.

Version: 4.2
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