‘Heroes and Castles’ Receives New Gameplay Modes, Heroes, … (And More!)

‘Heroes and Castles’ Receives New Gameplay Modes, Heroes, … (And More!)

Heroes and Castles is a third-person RPG in which Orcs and Goblins attempt to breach the castle gates. With the King on the brink of death, himself, you’ll aim to ward off the increasingly determined waves of the undead, as you ultimately en devour to complete your mission and keep the castle (and everyone in it)safe.

Choose one of 3 powerful heroes, summon an army to fight beside you, and defend your castle in Heroes & Castles, a seamless blend of 3rd person Action-RPG, Strategy, and Castle Defense elements!

Updating to version 2.0, yesterday, the latest version of Heroes and Castles now includes a competitive player-vs-player mode, which will allow both you and a friend to play Good vs Evil. In this mode, players will both aim to earn “rank” points as they battle their way up the worldwide leaderboards to reign victorious.


In addition to the above, Heroes and Castles 2.0 also includes a new single player “Siege Mode”. In this mode you’ll get to play as the “Evil” orcs, with the goal of smashing down the castle gates in a siege to take control of the enemy castle.

Alongside introducing new gaming modes, the game has this week also received two new “Heroes” which players can now choose to play as. The first is the “Elven Ranger,” who wields a long ranged bow, and can summon a giant “Treeman” as his special back-up unit. Joining the Ranger is that of the “Mage.” Just as with the “Mage” character seen in titles such as, Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls, this character is capable of casting powerful magic spells, and – in Heroes and Castles 2.0 – has the added ability of being able to summon an armored turtle-like native warrior as his special unit.

Complete with an ‘alternate’ choice of skins for each of your chosen heroes, the update includes a whole range of other bug fixes and additions, including:

- Fixed a major bug which would cause some people to have their profiles corrupted
- Added an automatic data restore for people who have lost all of their progress in the Campaign and crash on level 1
- Added new GC leaderboards for v2.0
- Fixed several major crashes in all game modes
- Fixed an issue which would cause some players to disconnect as a Co-op game began
- Rebalanced late game for Endless and Co-op
- Fixed several gameplay exploits
- Added a huge Troll + Catapult “penalty” wave if players try to purely defend without killing any enemies
- Knight’s Taunt no longer affects Trolls, Catapults, and Goblin Siegers
- Improved visibility of dead multiplayer ally
- Captain and Longbeard buffs no longer stack
- Can now only build 3 Repairmen at any one time
- Multiplayer games now won’t start until the other player is in the game
- Changed in-game pop-up alerts to notifications, for better game flow
- Increased the effectiveness of all special units
- Increased health and disruptive ability of Giants
- Added several new options: Inverse X, Inverse Y, manual downloading/uploading to iCloud, and an option to reset local data
- Many more tweaks and fixes

Heroes and Castles will set you back $1.99, and supports all recent models of Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPaduniversally.

Version: 3.0.13
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