New Job Listings Suggest Both ‘iLife’ and ‘iWork’ Could Get Overhaul In Coming Months – [RUMOR]

New Job Listings Suggest Both ‘iLife’ and ‘iWork’ Could Get Overhaul In Coming Months – [RUMOR]

As relayed by MacRumors, new reports by both Apple Bitch and MacNN this week suggest that Apple may be in the process of hiring, with the aim being to revamp both its iLife and iWork products.

According to the report, Apple has recently added “several job postings” that “explicitly reference the iLife team or the suite itself, including requests for an engineer in the iLife Frameworks QA department.”

With one specific job listing seeking:

“a QA engineer to help test new features in iPhoto (that requires a “passion” for digital photography); a Senior User Interface Designer for iWork, and two Senior Software Engineer positions that explicitly reference working on the user interface of iLife.”

With the recent ousting of Forstall from the company, both iLife and iWork’s show of “skeuomorphism” design – (the art of making surfaces look like, and resemble, real-life objects) – is now highly expected to disappear as a result of this overhaul.

The latest major update to Apple’s productivity suite arrived with the launch of iWork ’09, in January 2009. Meanwhile, the last major update to the company’s creative ‘iLife’ suite arrived in October 2010, with the release of iLife ’11.

While both reports suggest the company has begun its hire-drive for such projects, though, it is so far unknown as to when exactly these “revamped” versions of the firm’s core software suites will become available for public download.