Question: Would You Wear Google Glasses In Public … To A Bar?

Question: Would You Wear Google Glasses In Public … To A Bar?

There’s an interesting debate raging over on Quora tonight. It relates to a Facebook comment allegedly posted by the co-owner of San Francisco-based bar, Shotwell’s, which appears to publicly criticize two customers who walked into the bar wearing a set of Google Glasses.

The Atlantic has the full story:

“Shotwell’s is a fascinating test case for how tech-savvy regular people might take to Google’s new toy. Let me tell you a little more about it. Shotwell’s is located at 20th and Shotwell, right in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District, which also happens to be where a lot of the young tech people in the city live. (It’s where a lot of the infamous SF-Silicon Valley buses run for a reason.),” the report reads.

“But Shotwell’s is also a bar-bar. It’s not some Las Vegas version of a bar with iPads embedded in the tables. You pay cash. They have beer. People get too drunk sometimes. There’s a pool table. Salty snacks abound. Lots of different types of people come through: tech zillionaires, journalists, people who have read every William Gibson novel, service industry hipsters, regular old drunks, first-generation web people, writers, Giants fans, people who like Quiz nights, etc.”

With this background painted on the bar itself, you can kind of see the rationale behind the co-founder’s ‘surprise’ response.

That said, it does leave behind a question regarding the state society is at, today, and where it perhaps needs to get to in order for acts like the described to become the “norm” — and I say that in slight reserve, because that’s if they ever do become the “norm.”

Technology moves fast, and not everyone wants to keep up with it.

Would you wear Google Glasses in public … to a bar?

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