‘Keycard For Mac’ Gets More Sensitive To Your iPhone’s Location In Latest Update

‘Keycard For Mac’ Gets More Sensitive To Your iPhone’s Location In Latest Update

Not sure how we missed this one, but … Keycard for Mac updated last week with improved support for the detection of your iPhone‘s location.

For those out there who are yet to come across the app, Keycard launched at the beginning of this year and was really designed to provide a seamless way of protecting your desktop (or portable) Mac from prying eyes, when you’re not around.

It works as follows:

Keycard connects to your iPhone using bluetooth® technology, and then creates an invisible thread between both your smartphone and your Mac. Keycard then detects when you’re leaving your desk or office and automatically locks your Mac to ensure it’s safe and secure.


Owning the app myself, I can tell you that Keycard definitely seems to be more tuned-in to where a device is in terms of its current location, (in relation to the connected Mac). I must admit that, upon first downloading the app in January, this was a little awry. That said, having used the update for a few hours, the “lock” feature does now seem to be a lot more responsive to my iPhone going ‘out of range.’

Those who were a bit stuck on getting started will perhaps also be pleased to hear that Keycard 1.1 now includes helpful setup instructions for “optimal Keycard performance.”

Various other improvements and enhancements are also included in this update, but sadly, the developers didn’t go into any further detail on these.

Keycard 1.1 is a FREE download from the Mac App Store for all existing users. Those of you who wish to pick-up your own copy of the app, today, can do so for an introductory price of $6.99.

Version: 1.2
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