Trekkies Assemble: Paramount Pictures Debuts Official ‘Star Trek’ App For iPhone

Trekkies Assemble: Paramount Pictures Debuts Official ‘Star Trek’ App For iPhone

We touched on the official “Star Trek” app a little, yesterday, when we highlighted that Paramount’s ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ Superbowl ad had been found to take advantage of Apple’s new App Store short links. But, we thought that the app really deserved its own feature, given the worldwide popularity of the Star Trek movie franchise.

Paramount sent over a note tonight to provide us with some official figures on the app’s success, just one week after its international App Store debut.

Available for Apple’s iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5, the Star Trek App challenges trekkies to take part in a scavenger hunt of various missions leading up to the Star Trek: Into Darkness’ worldwide release — missions which largely include finding Star Trek content in the real world by using your iPhone to scan video (or audio) objects around you, (for example, you might photograph an outdoor billboard to find a hidden piece of Star Trek content, or use sound recognition technology while watching the movie’s trailer to unveil a hidden mission clue).

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Mission Types

- Image Scan: Using the apps’ Image Scanner you’ll hunt for Star Trek images in the real world (i.e. outdoor billboards or posters in movie theaters)

- Sound Scan: You’ll discover new content by using the scanner on the film’s video content (i.e. trailers, commercials, etc.)

- Map Mission: Purposefully hunt for specific locations, or wander upon them with the app’s Geo-location technology

By successfully completing these missions, you’ll then gain access to exclusive materials relating to Star Trek and the upcoming movie – first.

The company notes that, (despite the app launching on January 31), the official Star Trek App already ranks in the Top 50 apps to have been downloaded on the iTunes App Store, having achieved a further 100K+ downloads through the Google Play Store (to date).

Recommended for fans of the Star Trek movie franchise, (and those who simply fancy a challenge), the Star Trek App is a completely FREE download from the iTunes App Store, and is also available from Google Play.

Grab your copy now.

Version: 1.2.1
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