Bruce Tognazzini: The ‘iWatch’ Will Fill The “Gaping Hole” In Apple’s Current Ecosystem


“Like other breakthrough Apple products,” Tognazzini notes that the value of Apple’s “iWatch” (if it ever happens) when it launches will likely be “underestimated” by those looking in, but that its value will “grow” to have a “profound impact” on both our lives and Apple’s future fortunes.

Apple has long been rumored to be working on wearable technology, which may, (one day), make it into the public realm. The concept of the “smartwatch” has been realised by a number of companies looking to control the new emerging market over the past several months, with the most notable (in terms of financial backing) being – Pebble.

There are, of course, those other smartwatches now available for purchase, including the “Cookoo” watch, (which again saw its funding from Kickstarter, just like Pebble), Motorola’s MOTOACTV, and Sony’s LiveView Touch.

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