Planetbeing: iOS 6.1.2 Doesn’t Affect Ability To Jailbreak Devices With ‘Evasi0n’

Just a quick note for those of you out there who are jailbroken. iOS hacker @Planetbeing has reported in the last few hours that – (although updates issued by Apple can potentially affect a user’s ability to jailbreak) – thankfully iOS 6.1.2, (released publicly last night), isn’t one of them.


The comments by the hacker were originally made over Twitter:

“Not yet able to test all devices, but it’s looking good for 6.1.2. iPad mini wi-fi and iPhone 5 are still jailbreakable.”

‘Evasi0n’ is the codename for a jailbreak method designed for use on devices running iOS 6.1 (or later), which first became available to the public on February 4.

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