Google Announces ‘G+ Sign-In’ – [VIDEO]

Just a quick note to inform you that Google has this evening announced the launch of its ‘single sign-on’ service designed for web and mobile. Similar in operation to Facebook’s ‘Connect’ service, Google+ Sign-In now allows users to choose to login to a third-party application or service using their Google+ account.

Once logged-in, a user can then choose to share information from their Google+ account with the third-party service (or app) which is requesting such information.

“Today we’re adding a new feature to the Google+ platform: application sign-in. Whether you’re building an app for Android, iOS or the web, users can now sign in to your app with Google, and bring along their Google+ info for an upgraded experience.” the company wrote in its official announcement. “It’s simple, it’s secure, and it prohibits social spam. And we’re just getting started.”

Developers can find out more today, at

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