Deal Alert: ‘Star Rover’ and ‘Star Rover HD’. Now FREE (For 24 Hours).

Deal Alert: ‘Star Rover’ and ‘Star Rover HD’. Now FREE (For 24 Hours).

Interested in learning more about the billions of gas giants which exist far beyond Earth‘s upper atmosphere? – In that case, the likelihood is you also won’t want to miss out on the deal EEFan Inc is currently running on its iOS star-gazing app, Star Rover.

Usually costing $0.99 on both platforms, in association with ‘App of the Day,’ both the iPhone and iPad versions of Star Rover are dropping in price this afternoon, becoming FREE for the next several hours.

The app claims to feature over 120,000 “Hipparcos” stars, (a name originally coined from the Greek astronomer, Hipparchus), providing avid star-gazers out there with information on 88 constellations accompanied by beautifully illustrated artwork.

From learning about the planets and their orbiting moons, to studying individual phases of those moons, and enjoying real-life, stunning photos of nebulae from the Messier catalogue, as an astronomer you will have access to all the information you could ever want about the objects we see in our skies.

Simulating the “twinkling” of stars in our galaxy, you’ll not only be provided with a realistic star map of the Milky Way, but the app also comes complete with equatorial and azimuthal grids to guide you on your way across the cosmos. In addition, Star Rover will visualize what it refers to as “realistic” atmospheres, while providing visuals for planet sunrise and sunsets.

Brightness of the stars and part of the sky you are current observing can be adjusted, accordingly, to match the observation setting you have chosen for yourself. This is especially good in relation to the app’s ability to simulate the process of an eclipse, as turning these brightness settings down will allow you experience these types of simulated events in all their cosmic glory.

Complete with sky views underneath the horizon, allowing you to pick up on stars which are perhaps not viewable from your current location, alongside time settings for the app’s various built-in planet and star animations, Star Rover and Star Rover HD are both respectable star companions to have with you, if space exploration is your thing (that is).

Perhaps one small point which may be worth noting; Star Rover and Star Rover HD aren’t yet capable of displaying a real-time view of the stars up above your head, as other competitors (such as StarWalk) are. That said, however, Star Rover will search out your current location and display the part of the sky it thinks is directly above your head, in a highly-interactive format.

Star Rover is currently expected to return to its regular price of $0.99, tomorrow (March 7). Get your FREE copy, today!

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