DigiTimes: New iPhone With Wireless Charging Capabilities Could See Debut Later This Year


Although DigiTimes is – (for the most part) – far from a source we would refer to as being entirely accurate, the Taiwan-based publication is out with a new report this week which we think is at least worth a mention.

The report specifically cites that Apple could be in the midst of developing a new model of its iPhone, which may (in turn) be able to be charged – wirelessly.

Citing industry sources as the basis of the report, the publication notes that both Apple and Samsung are expected to “add wireless charging capability to their flagship [smartphone] models” sometime in 2013.

“Samsung is expected to adopt Qi wireless charging technology run by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) for its next flagship model, the Galaxy S IV,” the report indicates, adding that Apple is also “likely to adopt the wireless charging technology” which the publication says the Cupertino company has “developed internally.”

In this regard, DigiTimes states that it “remains unknown” as to if the technology will make it into Apple’s next-generation iPhone, or if this wireless charging functionality will be saved for a future iteration of the popular smartphone.

The report concludes by stating that Samsung’s adoption of the “Qi” wireless electric standards “may drive [this] technology to become mainstream for smartphones.”

If the iPhone is indeed set to gain the ability to be charged wirelessly in the near future, this would essentially become the missing piece required to allow users to fully use the device, in every aspect – wirelessly – without the need to physically use a cable to perform actions with the device itself.

That’s exciting — Although, Schiller can’t see it happening.

/ DigiTimes

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