‘Peekly’ Envisions A More Useful Lockscreen For Your iPhone – [VIDEO]

With Apple likely set to at least preview the next iteration of its iOS operating system before this year is out, a new tweak called ‘Peekly’ aims to envision what the company could do to enhance the iPhone‘s lockscreen for the better going forward.

Let’s face it, the iOS lockscreen could do with some more work. Currently, users can see the latest notifications pushed from their favourite and most-used applications. They can also set their own custom wallpaper and see music controls when a music-centric app is in use.

The screen doesn’t, however, currently offer the user any way to see more important information, such as their full week’s schedule, calendar, or what the weather is doing – at a glance.

Screen Shot 2013-03-11 at 17.02.11

Some may argue this simply isn’t needed, given that the action of sliding to unlock and one-tapping the application you then want to engage with is an easy enough process. Others, though, may disagree … and for those who do, Peekly aims to solve these omissions.

Be sure to check out the video above to see Peekly in-action. The 2-page lockscreen mod is available to download, today, in the Cydia store.

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