GarageBand 1.4: Now With Support For Playing (and Recording) Music With ‘Audiobus’-Supported Apps

GarageBand 1.4: Now With Support For Playing (and Recording) Music With ‘Audiobus’-Supported Apps

Receiving a mild-to-major update, Apple’s touch-optimized music creation suite – Garageband – has been bumped to version 1.4 this week, adding full support for both the playing and recording of music with apps supported by Audiobus.

Those of you who have been reading for a while will know that we first took a look at Audiobus back in December of last year. Back then, we called the inter-app audio routing system a “revolutionary” new way to mix and create music on iPhone.

Well, it would appear Apple somewhat agreed with our initial assessment of Audiobus, this week adding full native support for the app’s core music-mixing function to Garageband, and adding all the necessary protocols to the music suite needed to pipe mixes and music from Audiobus-supported apps directly into Garageband itself.

For those not yet completely familiar with Audiobus and its features, here’s a excerpt from our look at the app at the latter end of last year.

Audiobus is unique in the sense that it allows you to plug-in different available music creation apps as if they were physical input devices – just like virtual cables.

For example, you can start drumming in one app, and have a metronome running in another, all the while adding beats in another, and mixing up after-effects in another. Audiobus keeps track of everything you’re doing, ensuring the result sounds just as you intended.

Alongside adding support and technical structure allowing the piping of music from Audiobus-supported apps directly into the Garageband interface, the latest version of Apple’s music suite also adds an option allowing users to turn off “grid snapping” to get finer control over region and note editing, while also adding a fix relating to an issue that (may) have resulted in feedback when connecting 3rd-party audio accessories into your device’s headphone or microphone jack.

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