‘Couch Music Player’ Brings iTunes 11′s “Play Next” Feature To iOS

‘Couch Music Player’ Brings iTunes 11′s “Play Next” Feature To iOS

Making its App Store debut on March 21, Clever & Son’s Couch Music Player is a new application launching for Apple’s mobile platform this week which is designed not only to act as your music player alternative, but Couch Music Player also gives you the ability to change the play order of the tracks you are listening to in real-time.

Essentially bringing iTunes 11‘s “Play Next” feature to iOS, using Couch Music Player‘s ‘Queues’ feature users can dynamically create playlists by simply swiping a song on their iPad, then allowing them to quickly and easily create personalized playlists on-the-fly. In addition, Couch Music Player also allows you to create and keep as many of these queues as you want, making them easily accessible and manageable at any time you wish to take advantage of them.


Describing the system as “perfect for the whole family,” the company says that this allows each member of the house to “create and access their own music queues, instantly,” while offering an enhanced level and depth of music personalization that your music library has “never known.”

Plus, with “Album View” you’ll get the see full artwork for the track(s) you’re currently playing, turning Couch Music Player into your living room juke box. In this view you’ll also have access to something the firm refers to as “natural swipe controls,” which presumably will also you to control your music with just your fingers.

Couch Player’s control panel is always at your fingertips, allowing you to fast-forward and rewind using its beautifully responsive slider bar. Play, pause and skip through your music, while simple two-finger gestures move through your Queues seamlessly.

Personally, I’m yet to try Couch Music Player as I don’t tend to buy my music from iTunes anymore. In fact, I now tend to use rdio as my music-streaming client of choice. However, looking at customers reviews for the app on iTunes, it would appear Couch Music Player also supports both iTunes Match and AirPlay – which is quite nice.

If you use iTunes as your music player of choice, and you’re perhaps looking for more control over the play order of the music you listen to on your iPad, Couch Music Player could be worth a look.

Designed specifically for iPad, Couch Music Player on first impressions looks like a truly well-designed app, which carries full support for Apple’s iPad Mini and will set you back $1.99.

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