Launch Day Tweet Count: iPhone 5 Vs. Galaxy S4 – [STATS, REPORT]

Launch Day Tweet Count: iPhone 5 Vs. Galaxy S4 – [STATS, REPORT]

Nowadays, the success of a product relies not on how good the hardware and software is — (okay, those play a rather large part), but mostly all of the initial bugs found by users can usually be fixed via a simple over-the-air software update.

Sure, it’s important to make a good first impression with your product, but software and hardware are no longer the overriding factors we look at to determine how well a product is (or will) do when it hits.

No, nowadays, a product’s initial success is ranked based on how many people not only know about your product, but how many of those people are actually bothering to talk about it.

Telling their friends, family, colleagues. This is the social success of a product — and if a new report to surface this week can be considered anywhere close to accurate, it would appear Apple’s iPhone 5 was initially being talked about by users far more frequently than Android users were about Samsung’s just announced, flagship smartphone – the Galaxy S4.


According to the report, (via AppleInsider), Apple’s iPhone 5 reportedly managed to get 2.4 Million people talking about its thinness, lightness, and additional features, when it was launched by the company at the end of last year. This compared to the Galaxy S4, for which 440,000 tweets were recorded on ‘launch day.’

That’s not to say the Galaxy S4 is a flop, though. In fact, far from it. You try getting 440,000 people to tweet about your product almost consecutively.

Trust me … it’s harder than it looks. Heck, the Galaxy S4 isn’t even available to buy yet. If you want one, though, you can get your hands on one starting April 26.