‘Curved’ Allows You To Curve Text On-Spec, Whenever You Want, Right On Your iPhone

‘Curved’ Allows You To Curve Text On-Spec, Whenever You Want, Right On Your iPhone

Okay, so you’ve taken that artsy shot with your iPhone, and now you want to upload it to Instagram. There’s nothing stopping you, granted … but, there’s just something missing. The finishing touch — a stylish piece of typeface.


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You open your photo and try to use Apple’s built-in photo editor to add your touch of awesome — but you quickly discover the iOS photo editor, (at least, in its current state), doesn’t carry the option to add text to your taken photos.

You search the App Store to find a whole myriad of offerings available to you. But you don’t want a full-fledged, professional photo editor. You probably already have one of those to hand either on your tablet or desktop.

No, instead, you’re going for the quick-fix — a small app you can rely on which is both easy-to-use and quick to produce the result you’re looking for.

Curved is that quick-fix.


Designed to provide you with all the on-screen tools necessary to not only add text to the photos you take on your iPhone, Curvedas expected – also provides the option to physically curve the text you decide upon, either using a series of predefined ‘curve’ templates, (Wave, Arc, Bell, HorizontalLine, Vertical Line, Semi Circle, Circle, Rectangle), or – (with the handy use of multi-touch) – by actually drawing the type of curve you wish your chosen text to follow – (as seen above).


Curved offers a wide range of font styles to choose from. Sliding from left-to-right will reveal the full selection on offer, 8 styles at a time.

Featuring a drawer-driven UI, with additional (but simple-to-use) options for adding a number of basic filters and font styles to your taken photo, alongside actions for moving, resizing and rotating each text box you place, and direct options to share your finished photo to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr(and more), spend just a little time with Curved and the app may just become your preferred choice for adding stylized text to the photos you’ve previously taken, whilst on-the-go.

Get Curved on the App Store, for $1.99

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