Google Debuts ‘Gmail Blue.’ It’s Your Email, But Much, Much Cooler. – [VIDEO]

Google Debuts ‘Gmail Blue.’ It’s Your Email, But Much, Much Cooler. – [VIDEO]

Tech giant Google has today announced, that — (alongside shuttering its YouTube video upload service, starting midnight PT)– it will also be turning its popular e-mail service, Gmail, Blue.

That’s right. Crystal Blue.

Just like the great blue of the world’s oceans.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 04.21.18

“Gmail launched nine years ago on April 1st, 2004. Since then you’ve been able to use hundreds of new features that push the boundaries of what email can do and make it easier to get things done,” the firm wrote.

“Starting today, you’ll get to experience the next big step for Gmail, Gmail Blue. Watch the video to learn more.”

Citing the actual technology took the company 6-years to both develop and refine to levels which were deemed suitable for use by the general populous, Google noted in the announcement that it ultimately strives to apply “moonshot-thinking” to every aspect of its business.

… And the way in which it handles the world’s e-mail, is no different.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 04.41.01

Born from the complex challenges contained in the process of figuring out how to completely redesign and recreate something, while keeping it exactly the same, the newly-revamped version of the company’s email service will – (from this day on) – be served in different shades of the popular primary colour, with most early critics having responded favorably to the change.

It just opens a lot of doors, that … haven’t been opened before.

- Lead Designer, Gmail Blue.

Try the new Gmail today, at

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