Facebook’s Mobile Head On Persistently Displaying “Chat Heads” On iOS

Facebook’s new update to its mobile client is one which brings with it a lot of new features, but as iOS users will soon come to find out, the experience of using the app’s main “Chat Heads” feature differs quite significantly to how the feature operates on Android.

In a recent interview with AllThingD’s Kara Swisher, Facebook’s head of mobile, Cory Ondrejka, and the company’s CTO, Mike Schroepfer, shed some light on this issue and were asked directly by Swisher on whether or not Facebook, (with the current relationship it holds with the Californian company), had even bothered to ask Apple if it could display the ‘bubble-like’ profile pictures which powers the feature persistently throughout the mobile OS — Or, if it simply decided to lie down and follow the rules which come with playing within the ‘walled garden’.

Perhaps showing just how much control Apple harnesses over what does (and doesn’t) make it onto its iOS platform, in response to Kara’s question Cory responded: “I think that’s a great question for them (Apple).”

Facebook CTO, Schroepfer, even went as far as to say that the company “can’t talk about what [it has] talked about”, a statement to which the interviewing duo laughed and concluded that there’s probably little chance of Apple letting it happen anyway, but if Facebook ever talked about its negotiations with the Cupertino company, publicly, that small chance would probably be downgraded to “never”.

As it stands, Facebook’s new “Chat Heads” messaging feature is only available to users inside the official Facebook client for iOS — which means you’ll have to have the app running in the background if you want to be persistently notified of new messages.

The Question: Do you think Apple is right to restrict Facebook’s “Chat Heads” feature from displaying persistently throughout iOS?

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