Don’t Miss This: MacPhun’s ‘Fantastic Bundle.’ 7 Must-Have Mac Apps – (Was $165, Now $19.99)

Don’t Miss This: MacPhun’s ‘Fantastic Bundle.’ 7 Must-Have Mac Apps – (Was $165, Now $19.99)

Creators of professional photo editor tools such as Snapheal, Colorstrokes and FX Photo Studio, Macphun got in touch yesterday to give us the heads-up on a new Mac app bundle they’ve put together with the help of several independent developers.

The result of a partnership with seven independent developers, the ‘Fantastic Bundle’ is a limited-time app bundle which offers up Snapheal(which we detailed here) – alongside 6 other, highly-useful apps for your Mac.

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Here’s what you get for your $19.99:

Snapheal(Now $19.99)


Create dazzling photos like a pro photographer even without special learning. Snapheal was named one of 2012 Best Mac App Store apps and let’s you easily remove extra objects, fix imperfections on skin, adjust lights and perform more complex touch-ups in few clicks.

Swift Publisher(Worth $19.99, Now FREE)


Top selling Graphic Design app, that is perfect for creating and printing top-notch flyers, newsletters, brochures, calendars, letterheads, booklets, and much more. You’ll feel inspired and creative with Swift Publisher.

Cashculator(Worth $29.99, Now FREE)


The easiest way to plan and track your finances. Keep track of your cash flow and make smarter financial decisions. Cashculator helps you reach financial goals faster than any similar app.

Photo Video Maker PRO(Worth $29.99, Now FREE)


Transform your memories into wonderful movies.
Make stylish videos mixing your photos and music with a real film feel.

Tunes Cleaner(Worth $19.99, Now FREE)


Cleaning up music library on Mac is as easy as pie!
Make your music collections well organised and clean up your iTunes space instantly.

Voila(Worth $29.99, Now FREE)


The most powerful image capturing and screen recording software for your Mac. You’ll be able to capture anything and everything on your screen. Apply a wide range of editing and annotating tools to your screenshots and share with a click. Please note the license can be activated on one Mac only.

Tembo(Worth $14.99, Now FREE)


Super-efficient, organized file searching tool. If you’ve ever had a hard time finding a file before, this is what you’ve been looking for. Tembo will help you get to your files as quickly as possible.

Usually, to buy all of the apps contained in the ‘Fantastic Bundle,’ you’d have to pay $165. Effectively, you’re now getting 6 great apps for Mac, in return for paying Snapheal‘s usual asking price of $19.99. If that isn’t a deal worth having, we don’t know what is!

You have until May 6 to decide on whether or not the deal is for you.

Grab the ‘Fantastic Bundle,’ today!