Netflix Updates With ‘Post-Play’ For Movies (and TV Shows)

Netflix Updates With ‘Post-Play’ For Movies (and TV Shows)

The official client of video-streaming service Netflix has tonight gained a few new features, which are just bound to make your late Friday night watching experience all the more fluid.

Describing the feature as being an “even easier [way] to enjoy movies and TV shows,” Post-Play will now see the Netflix app automatically cue, and then start, the next episode of that TV show you’ve been watching religiously, whenever you happen to finish watching an episode of that same TV show.

But the new feature doesn’t just stop at TV Shows. For those of you who are maybe more interested in watching Movies, ‘Post-Play’ will now also show you three movie recommendations, tailored specifically for you, at end of the movie currently being watched — giving you yet even more options when deciding what movie you might want to watch next on the service.

If that wasn’t enough, the update to the video client also arrives with added and enhanced ‘second screen’ options, just incase you want to throw that movie action to the big-screen TV.

Grab Netflix 4.1 with ‘Post-Play’

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