Briefly: Here’s How To Get RSS Notifications From RazorianFly On Your Smartwatch – [UPDATED]

Just a quick note for fans of IFTTT (If This, Then That). In this new and emerging age of ‘smart wearables’ and wrist-top notifications, we thought it best to keep up – and that’s why, starting today, we’re making it possible to get wrist alerts for every new post we publish.

We’ve gone ahead and setup an IFTTT recipe which allows anyone who may own a Pebble smartwatch, (or other Bluetooth-enabled smartwatch), to receive an immediate alert on their wrist whenever we publish a new post.

Hit the break for instructions on how to set them up!

For now – (due to the lack of a dedicated Pebble IFTTT channel) – the recipe takes advantage of the free push notification service Boxcar to deliver the alert to an iOS device, and then to your smartwatch – (we’re working on an Android solution).

This recipe also assumes that your smartwatch and smartphone both support Bluetooth connectivity and that Boxcar can thus talk back to your smartwatch via this connection.

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Setting Up Wrist-Top Alerts

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Setting up the alerts to show on your own smartwatch is pretty straight-forward. First, you’ll want to log-in to IFTTT. Once logged-in, heading to this page and tapping the “Use Recipe” button will ask you to authenticate with Boxcar on your iPhone. Simply login to Boxcar with your details, key in the authentication code IFTTT sends to the app – and you’re away!

The alert will show up on your smartwatch similar to the text shown below, with each alert comprising of both the individual article’s full title, and a small 10-25 word excerpt from the article.

“New from RazorianFly: Tidbit: Here’s How To Get RSS Notifications From RazorianFly On Your Smartwatch. Just a quick note for fans of IFTTT (If This, Then That).”

UPDATE: Important Notes

1. If you’re using a Pebble you’ll also want to ensure you’ve setup Pebble to receive notifications from your iPhone. To do this, head to Settings > Bluetooth > Pebble, tap the blue ‘arrow’ icon (located right) next to your connected Pebble, and flick Show Notifications: ‘ON’.


2. As we’re using Boxcar to deliver the notifications to the watch, you’ll need to ensure that Boxcar is set to show up in ‘Notification Center,’ and that push alerts sent from Boxcar show up on your iPhone‘s lockscreen. To achieve this, head to Settings > Notifications > Boxcar and ensure the two settings below are both set to ‘ON.’

boxcar-settings lockscreen

3. It’s also important to ensure the Pebble app is running in the background at all times, especially if you’re using an iOS device.

Get RazorianFly RSS notifications on your wrist, today!

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