Tidbit: ‘RunKeeper’ Gains Support For Pebble Smartwatch – [VIDEO]

First promised as a feature of the Kickstarter-born smartwatch some time ago, after entering an intensive testing period at both RunKeeper and Pebble HQ, the official RunKeeper app was earlier this week (finally) updated to support the internet’s most-popular smartwatch.

Using the new update, those who run regularly can now wirelessly attach their Pebble smartwatch to the app and track their run progress, including being able to see both their current pace and statistics relating to the distance they have already run, without the need to take their iPhone out of their pocket.

Alongside the ability to now use your Pebble watch to view your stats while working out, the latest update to RunKeeper for iOS also includes some nifty new support for pausing and resume RunKeeper, right from your wrist!

Check it out in action, above.

Side note: After almost a year of waiting, I’m pleased to report that I finally received my Pebble smartwatch, yesterday, and I currently plan to offer up my full thoughts and impressions relating to the device, this weekend.

Version: 4.4.1
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