‘Mind Watering’ – The Visually Stunning Step-By-Step Cookbook. Was $2.99, Now FREE!

‘Mind Watering’ – The Visually Stunning Step-By-Step Cookbook. Was $2.99, Now FREE!

Bank holidays. The perfect time to show-off some of those awesome cooking skills you have to the family (or friends). Wait, what’s that? … you can’t cook?Fear not.

Because, a few minutes with Kinetic Art’s visually simulating digital cookbook, Mind Watering, should have you on the right path to professional cookery in no time!

Citing that you only need ‘look’ to be able to cook, the company says that its version of the modern-day cookbook is simply “foolproof,” providing the would-be cook with every step of the cooking process, explained and demonstrated right in front of their eyes.

If your hands are busy, or simply dirty from the food you’re cooking, you can even control the app with just your voice. The app takes a “no more stress” approach to plating up, too, providing you with recipe-integrated multi-timers, so that you know exactly what to do and when to do it at each stage of the cooking process.

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By spending just a few minutes with the app, you can potentially learn dozens of professional cooking techniques, tips and tricks — Plus, with the app’s built-in event filter you can find recipes for the specific events in your life, from a romantic dinner to lunch for the kids, allowing you to choose which dish might best suit those events.

Complete with support for viewing recipes in both English and Hebrew, Mind Watering was just updated to include a new free chapter which contains an “amazing” collection of 7 recipes suitable for vegans.

The update also brings with it new HD videos and images optimized for Apple’s “Retina” display, alongside adding ‘instant Facebook sharing’ for pretty much every image you’ll find in the book.

Usually $2.99, Mind Watering is FREE(for a limited-time).

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